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as a sheltered environment for children of 12 families has grown into a place that fosters community inclusion. a look through the eyes of one of the clients. >> for michael, painting brought him peace. >> it's relaxing. >> his passion is reflected on the walls of abilities united, serving people of all age was a range of disabilities. >> what is your favorite? >> lion. >> he's nice. >> it's a talent fostered by abilities united. his works have been sold throughout the bay area and beyond. >> to michael it's huge self esteem build. now he knows he's an artist and people, anywhere, i meerngs he sold work internationally. it's huge. >> reporter: executive director says michael thrived, learning independent living skill was a coach. >> things you and i take for granted like going out, shopping, traveling on the bus, cleaning our place, doing a budget, those skills we try to teach so that the people that we're serving can be a successful as possible out there in the community. >> reporter: tell me about what this program has helped you with. >> become independent. help my social skills and they'
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1